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Are you ready for a fresh approach? I can help.

Accelerating careers

I work with executive women and leaders at the intersection of personal fulfillment and business success. Drawing on my own professional experience, I can help you to overcome the roadblocks to advancement — internal and external — that hold back those whose courage and intellect outweigh their connections and pedigree.

Developing female talent

Many companies have a big problem with gender diversity in their senior ranks. That’s costing them opportunities. The keys to growth are hiding in plain sight. I can help your organization identify the barriers to recruiting; recognize and advance talented female executives — and win the future.

Managing necessary change

Change can be traumatic, for both organizations and their people. Yet without transformation, growth is impossible. Do you have the emotional intelligence to re-engineer and rebalance your ways of working? I’ve been there. I can help you, your teams, and your company successfully navigate periods of upheaval and change.

Building and growing a business

Whether you’re a newly minted entrepreneur or a visionary business owner, you are driven by purpose, instinct and faith in yourself. But you may need help handling the core business issues and inevitable bumps along the road to success. I can help you navigate them, and get to your destination safely.

Maureen B. Mitchell


Get out of your comfort zone

Sometimes change means overcoming internal obstacles to growth. Sometimes it means following your gut — and going in a bold new direction.

Here’s what’s always true. How you handle change has everything to do with how well you succeed in the marketplace. Whether you’re an organization or an executive, Maureen Mitchell can help you frame the issue correctly, overcome the obstacles, and catalyze the change you want.

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Maureen “gets it”

Maureen has helped me understand some of the corporate and personal challenges that lay in the way of achieving my goals. She asks the right questions, listens to her clients, breaks down issues and gives feedback in a way that allows you to reach the right conclusion. Simply put, Maureen gets it

A thoughtful, structured approach

I made the decision to return to full-time work from a voluntary early retirement, and worked with Maureen to make the transition successful. She brought a thoughtful, structured approach to our work together, never rushing the process. The breadth of experience Maureen brings to this type of coaching assignment is extraordinary.

My “thinking partner”

Maureen is a great listener, with a unique ability to lead you outside your comfort zone. Through her stewardship, I am on track and progressing with my objectives and goals. I consider Maureen my ‘thinking partner’: someone I can turn to for help in strategizing through difficult or unusual circumstances.

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