Maureen B Mitchell

I’m a certified executive coach, helping companies and individuals achieve their most desired business and professional outcomes.

Over my long career managing diverse global teams for complex financial services companies such as Bear Stearns and GE, I’ve learned how promoting a highly effective, collaborative work environment can lead to consistent outperformance — win-wins for people and the companies they work with.

I’ve also guided teams and mentees through profound change — from mergers and acquisitions, cultural change and organizational realignment, to the introduction of new technologies and performance management systems, and even through significant market disruption.

Empathy, acute listening and respect are my guiding principles. But equally important (in industries where I have often found myself the only woman in the room) have been resolutely owning my ideas and securing my place at the table. These core values and lessons inform the work I do today, as I advise businesses and senior professionals of both genders who seek career acceleration, personal transformation — and their own seat at the right table.

You can read more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile page. To learn more about some of my work and experience as an independent board director, read this recent interview in C-Suite magazine.